Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ip_local_port_range parameter for Oracle database 11G R12 on Ubuntu

When installing a Oracle database on a Ubuntu linux system the installer can ask you to change the settings of your ip_local_port_range parameter. This will most likely be presented to you in the following format:

OS Kernel parameter: ip_local_port_range
This is a prerequisite condition to test whether the OS kernel parameter "ip_local_port_range" is properly set.
Expected Value : between 9000 & 65500
Actual Value : between 32768 & 61000

The /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_local_port_range defines the local port range that is used by TCP and UDP traffic to choose the local port. You will see in the parameters of this file two numbers: The first number is the first local port allowed for TCP and UDP traffic on the server, the second is the last local port number. For high-usage systems you may change its default parameters to 32768-61000 -first-last.

echo "net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 9000 65500" >> /etc/sysctl.conf
sysctl -p /etc/sysctl.conf

This should solve your problem and you should be able to install the Oracle database on your system.

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amjad said...

thank you very much, it was very helpful.. all these small things really matters sometimes. Thanks