Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Steven Feuerstein at Capgemini NL

Within some time we get Steven Feuerstein as a guest speaker at one our Capgemini events and I was asked to write something in our newsletter to warm the people to come… One of the things I have been writing is a reference to the below youtube movie which is partially made by Steven.

"You did WHAT?

You wrote an explicit cursor? You declared a variable using the VARCHAR2 datatype? You raised an exception to skip over unnecessary lines of code?

If slip-ups like these sound familiar (or if you don't know why these are mistakes), join Quest for a one-hour Webcast featuring guest speaker, Steven Feuerstein, as he examines common mistakes in Oracle PL/SQL programming. Learn how to correct mistakes to improve the maintainability and performance of your application.

This Webcast will also demonstrate CodeXpert — a powerful feature available within Toad® that will help you avoid common mistakes and ensure you implement PL/SQL best practices in your daily activities. "

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