Friday, February 12, 2010

Deserted island testing Linux and Oracle 11G database

Within some time I will try something new, a exiting exercise. For some reason some people around me decided we had to go for a ski and snowboard trip. I tried to fight this and make sure I did not have to be part of this trip as I do not like snowboarding and such. However, with some help from alcohol, they convinced me to join them on the trip. I agreed on a couple of conditions, they should not worry about me having no fun if I not joined them while they were snowboarding and they should leave me in peace when I decided to stay behind.

So I will be a long weekend in somewhere in Europe most of the time alone and honestly I am looking forward to it. When we go my new house should have finished and I should have moved over. No more builders asking me all kind of questions about what type of solution I would like for a particular building problem and it will give me some time to relax from a hectic time at work before the next phase of hectic projects start. Finally some time to keep up with my reading and most important do the island test of my Linux laptop.

The island test is, in my opinion, that you test an installation and your own knowledge and problem solving capabilities like you where on a deserted island. I am already prepping my laptop for this by installing a Oracle database and some tools I will need for the project I hope to finish in this long weekend. I will have no access to the internet or to people who will be capable of helping me solving the issues I encounter.

The project I will be undertaking, besides reading a 500+ page book I like to read is a script that will create the documentation on database installations I need to provide from time to time. All the settings that are applied, a database relation diagram, etc etc… Customers do expect those documents from time to time and it is always a hassle to create those documents so I decided to create a script that will create a docx document for me.

If it is any good I will post it into the public domain so everyone can benefit from this.

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