Tuesday, May 13, 2008

jDeveloper 11G Technology Preview 4

Now available for downloading from the Oracle website is Oracle jDeveloper 11G Technology Preview 4 (Build 4949). jDeveloper is already the leading development environment for many oracle developers for years. I used it to make my first corporate Java developments years ago when I made the switch from VI to a "real" java editor. There is a moment that things become too complex to manage it in VI.

When jDeveloper was launched a couple of years ago it was a non-free product however Oracle allowed developers to download it and use it… in a we are not looking at you when you use it and do not pay kind of way. Sometime after that it became a complete free to use editor officially and I think this is a great way.

jDeveloper is named by some market thought leaders as the number one editor and I have to agree with them… jDeveloper is one of the best and leading development environments there is.

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