Sunday, May 04, 2008

Blogging as a job

Most people who have a blog which they keep up to date and accurate will most likely enjoy this and as everything you do what you enjoy you might from time to time wonder, “Would it not be nice if this was my job”. Well, I think I have had this thought a couple of times, and now it has become reality…. It is not becoming my job but we have started the first of a couple of corporate weblogs.

The first corporate weblog is about Oracle Supply Chain Management and as I am also a Oracle Supply Chain Consultant I will be writing a lot of articles for this weblog. Please feel free to check out the SmartApps Oracle Supply Chain Weblog.

Before starting the weblog we have given it some thought and I have been reading on about the do’s and don’ts of corporate blogging. Meaning this new SmartApps weblog will have a slight different approach, mainly it will be different on focus. This corporate weblog will be handling Supply Chain Management and related topics while my private weblog is handling various topics.

The plan is to expand the number of weblogs in the upcoming time so that other people who are not directly working with SCM will have a chance to write about the things in their area. Now about the things I will be blogging about,… I will cross-post them on this weblog also or at least make a referring to it so people can track my postings on that site.

Currently I have already posted 4 blogposts.

RFID and Oracle in the Supply Chain:
An article on how RFID tags can help you plan your Supply Chain Management and warehouse management in combination with Oracle.

Oracle and Drop Shipment:
An article on how Oracle E-Business suite can handle drop shipments.

Oracle iStore return orders:
An Article on Oracle iStore and how to handle return orders from customers with some examples of flows.

Oracle demand planning with Demantra:
A quick introduction on demand planning in Oracle E-business suite, I will be posting more on this topic on this weblog and the SmartApps weblog.

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