Monday, May 19, 2008

Canon EOS 400D

A new “toy”. A just purchased a new toy, a new digital camera. A new Canon EOS 400D is the new star. We were already looking for some time now for a new and good camera for a normal price and which can be used by people who are just starting with digital photography on a more than “click-clack” level.

So for someone starting to take digital photography to the next amateur level the Canon EOS 400D is a very good camera, especially when you consider that Canon launched a couple of new products which helps the dropping of the price of the older cameras. I will be posting some photos which we made with the new camera shortly to show you some of the capabilities.

And I am not really admitting it but Canon is still my preferred supplier of Digital SLR cameras not only because they make the best SLR cameras in my opinion but also because I have had splendid time while having Canon Europe as an employee during the Tri-Can project where we implemented Oracle E-Business suite in the main European offices. Tri-Can is/was the biggest Oracle E-Business suite rollout in Europe when I was working on the project.

While talking about Canon Tri.Can project I found very good video on YouTube about the Tri.Can project by Abhishek Banerjee who made a photo video with very nice and true music.. Just watch the video and listen to the lyrics.

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