Friday, October 19, 2007

Oracle, finding the OPP service log

When executing a concurrent request in Oracle E-business suite which will make use of Oracle XML Publisher you might run into the situation that the concurrent request is turning up with a status Warning. In these cases it can be quite possible you will find a error similar to the one below:

+------------- 1) PUBLISH -------------+
Beginning post-processing of request 1476145 on node OEBS20 at 19-OCT-2007 10:14:00.
Post-processing of request 1476145 failed at 19-OCT-2007 10:14:01 with the error message:
One or more post-processing actions failed. Consult the OPP service log for details.

This error message log is actually telling you nothing more than the fact that “something” went wrong and you have to check a other log, in this case the OPP service log (Oracle Post Processing). To be able to find this log file you have to navigate to the System Administrator responsibility.

Navigate to Concurrent -> Manager -> Administration.

Search for the “Output Post Processor” and click on the “Processes button”

select the process that was active when the request ran and click on the “Manager Log” button.

This will give you the OPP service log which you are looking for. From here you can continue your investigation to find the reason for the request to fail or end in a status Warning


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As you said that, "select the process that was active when the request ran and click on the “Manager Log” button".

Now i want to know how to find the process that was active when the request ran means is there any process no. so that we can identify which process was active.


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the below query allows to find the log file of the concurrent request launched :
SELECT fcpp.concurrent_request_id req_id,
FROM fnd_conc_pp_actions fcpp,
fnd_concurrent_processes fcp
WHERE fcpp.processor_id = fcp.concurrent_process_id
AND fcpp.action_type = 6
AND fcpp.concurrent_request_id = &REQ -- 12345

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