Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oracle bug codes.

When you raise a SR (formerly known as TAR) at Oracle metalink you might end up in the situation that your problem is assigned as a bug to Oracle development. In this case it is possible you see a lot of messages in your updates stating things like:

Associated bug XXXXXX has been updated and is still at status: 16.

Please find the meaning of those codes here:

- Status 10 Development is requesting more information
- Status 16 Bug is being reviewed by our Bug Diagnostics group
- Status 11 Bug is being worked by Development
- Status 30 Bug is being worked by Support and/or more information was requested by Development
- Status 37 Bug has been fixed
- Status 80 Bug is being regression tested for future release
- Status 92 Bug is closed as not a bug (not reproducible or setup issue)
- Status 96 Bug is closed as a duplicate bug

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