Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oracle XML Publisher and XDODTEXE executable.

By using XML publisher you can easily create reports and documents which can be started from a concurrent request within Oracle Applications. To enable your concurrent request to do so you need to have the executable XDODTEXE, a Java Concurrent Program as a executable in your concurrent request.

It could however happen that this executable is not available, there is a threat on Oracle forums where this is discussed. The reason for this is most likely that you do not have applied the installation of XML Publisher 5.6.0. Even do you might even be on version 5.6.3 you first have to have installed version 5.6.0. In a ideal situation Oracle would warn you to install 5.6.0 first because only this version contains a installation of XDODTEXE however this is not happening.

If you are missing XDODTEXE as a executable you can check the installed version by using this query:

DECODE (bug_number
, '3554613', '4.5.0'
, '3263588', 'XDO.H'
, '3822219', '5.0.0'
, '4236958', '5.0.1'
, '4206181', '5.5.0'
, '4561451', '5.6.0'
, '4905678', '5.6.1'
, '5097966', '5.6.2'
, '5472959','5.6.3')
bug_number IN( '3554613'

If 5.6.0 is not in the list, even as a higher version is, you need to install 5.6.0 and apply all the patches upwards again on your system. This will make sure you have XDODTEXE available and you are on the correct patchlevel again.

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