Monday, September 17, 2007

Create apps accounts from database.

When working as a consultant in different systems you have from time to time the situation that you have a account to the oracle apps schema but you do not have a applications login.

There are a couple if things you can do in this situation, (1) ask a DBA to create a account for you, (2) create the account yourself by running a PL/SQL script. Running the following PL/SQL script is in most cases NOT a smart thing to do because you circumvent the security protocol of a customer. However, in cases you are working on a test environment in your own company rules can be somewhat less tight than this, meaning you can run this without any problems.

Please note that before you run this script you migt want to change some things to your own taste so the script generates a user account whith the username you prefer. In any case a APPLICATION_DEVELOPER responsibility is assigned and a SYSTEM_ADMINISTRATOR responsibility is assigned.


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