Thursday, January 25, 2018

Oracle Weblogic - RESTful Management Services

When using Oracle Weblogic there are a couple of ways on how you can manage and monitor your deployment. In the most basic form a Weblogic deployment comes with a management service providing you a web console to do most monitoring and management tasks. Additionally you can do everything from the Oracle Linux command line and you will have the option to hook things up to an Oracle Enterprise manager setup to do a more consolidated way of management and monitoring.

Even though all the options mentioned above are good and have their pros and cons, another option is available which, for some reason, is not that well known. You can also use the RESTful Management Services with Oracle Weblogic 12C.

In some versions the REST API is enabled and in some not. To ensure that it is enabled you will have to check the general configuration for your domain. Under the advanced section you will find the "enable RESTfull Management Services" which you will have to ensure is activated to be able to make use of it.

The REST API services can now be accessed via http://{IP}:{port}/management/ . Having the option to administer and monitor your Weblogic instance via a REST API will increase the options on including it in a more automated fashion a lot more.

Whenever you are looking into automation and custom building some management solutions for IT footprints that include Weblogic the REST API's are a must look into area. 

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