Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Oracle Management Cloud - Manage multiple clouds like OPC, AWS & AZURE

There will be almost no enterprise that will have all the systems in a single datacenter or with a single cloud provider. With the rise of hybrid cloud strategies and with the rise of cloud native and cloud born application we see more and more that application footprints become hybrid and span multiple cloud providers and in some cases also multiples clouds and customer datacenters. There are very good reasons for this and technically there are no issue in achieving this.

However, management and monitoring of systems and services in a distributed environment that is spanning multiple cloud vendors and private datacenters can become extremely difficult if you do not plan this and ensure you have a strategy for it. Planning for it and having a strategy for it can, and this is very advisable, include the use of one single and central management and monitoring application.

When you use the Oracle Cloud Management solution you can, for example, monitor an application as a single application even though it might span over multiple cloud vendors.

The screenshot above shows the automatically generated and updated application topology of an application spanning both the Oracle Public Cloud (OPC) and AWS. In this example we have servers and services that are consumed by both cloud providers, however, monitoring is done from a single solution.

Having the option to manage all your applications, regardless from the location where they reside is a big benefit for every company and can improve the stability of your IT footprint and lower the time needed to resolve incidents. 

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