Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Oracle Cloud - The future of retail

Retail in general is changing, customers are more and more getting into the drivers seat and voice what they expect from a retailer. The situation where retailers are ensured from business based upon the location where their store is located are over. Customers more and more tend to use online retailers in combination with brick and mortar stores. Ensuring you provide exactly the services customers desire a the right survival tactic for most retailers. For those who are unable to make this change it is not uncommon to find themselves in a situation that they go bankrupt simply due to the fact that customers are overlooking them and do business with other retailers.

Next to providing customers what they know they want it is the tactic of being able to understand the customer in such a way that you can provide them services they did not knew they wanted. Surprising customers with unexpected services and options is vital for survival.

being able to deliver goods the same day to any location the customer might be or might visit, changing advertising screens based upon customers that are close to them, dynamically change pricing throughout the day, analyzing eye movement from customers to optimize shelving or deploying robots in stores to help customers.... all examples of retail innovations that more than real and are currently already used and tested by retailers.

Within this presentation a number of innovations are showcased and aligned with Oracle Cloud technology to support retailers to implement them. Leveraging the Oracle Cloud for retail innovation is something retailers should look into to ensure they are able to stay ahead of competition. 

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