Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Oracle Database Security

It might be interesting to know that the estimated value of lost business every year due to cybercrime is around a trillion dollars. Even though IT departments have been trying to ensure their systems are safe and secure and even though spending on IT security budget has doubled in the past couple of years we still see a lot of data breaches over and over again.

In the past year some notable data breaches have occurred and made the news. It is estimated that the know breaches are only a fraction of the real number of breaches in security and leakage of confidential data.

As it currently stands, companies do focus a lot on the external perimeter and defend this quite well. Having security in the lower levels, the core, of a IT footprint is however commonly not implemented. Ensuring you secure the main goal of many attacks is often not done. Oracle provides an extensive set of solutions and products which support companies to secure their database. In a recent blogpost on I go into the details on how the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture can be used to secure data where it should be secured, namely, where it is created, accessed and stored; the database.

Also the above deck is providing an insight into the options to secure your Oracle database in a more advanced manner to help you protect the data it holds and prevent data breaches. 

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