Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Oracle Big Data trends 2014

Oracle has released an insight into the top trends for 2014 in relation to Big Data and Analytics. As can be seen from the 10 points that Oracle sees as trends for 2014 there is a clear focus on big data, predictive analytics and integrating this into existing solutions and processes within an enterprise.

1) Mobile Analytics are on the rise; plans for mobile BI initiatives will double this year.
2) ½ of organizations will move analytics to the cloud for easier reporting
3) ¼ of organizations will unite Hadoop-based data reservoirs with data warehouses as a cost-effective method for long-term storage and in place analysis
4) Organizations will double the number of people with advanced skills in Hadoop and predictive analysis in the coming year
5) 33% of human capital management professionals will use big data discovery tools to explore data from performance reviews, internal surveys, professional profiles and insider workplace websites such as Glassdoor.
6) 40% will prioritize predictive analysis to gain insight into big data strategies
7) 52% will use predictive analytics to gain insight into old business processes
8) 59% will use decision optimization technologies to provide a more personalized and more effective experience for customer interaction.
9) 44% of decision makers will embrace packaged analytics to integrate with existing ERP systems.
10) Organizations still feel their analytics skills are on a beginner level. To keep up they will focus on developing analytic competences.

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