Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Technical specifications for Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance

Oracle announced today a new engineered system, the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance. The announcement was done by wim coekaerts, the Oracle Senior Vice President for Linux and virtualization technology. The engineered system is based upon X86 processor technology and uses Oracle VM as a hypervisor technology. One of the interesting things is that Oracle states it will be supporting Windows from day one. This is next to the expected Oracle Linux, Solaris and RedHat Linux support. 

The Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance is based upon a maximum number of 25 Sun X3-2 servers as compute nodes, a 18TB ZFS storage appliance and infiniband connect solution. Next tot his the systems is equipped with a local web-based management console and a Oracle VM Manager console. It is expected that this will tie into Oracle OPSCenter and Oracle Enterprise Manager however details are still a little vague on this point.

Technical specifications of the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance:

Compute Nodes: 2 to 25Controller Nodes: 2
  • (2) Intel 2.2 GHz Xeon (8 core) processors
  • 256 GB 1,600 MHz RAM
  • (2) 900 GB HDDs (RAID1)
  • (1) Dual-port QDR InfiniBand HCA (PCIe)
  • (1) GbE management port (BASE-T)
Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance
  • (4) QDR InfiniBand ports (one active and one passive per storage head)
  • 292 GB solid state disk write cache
  • 18 TB serial-attached SCSI (SAS) disks
  • (2) GbE management ports
Oracle Virtual Networking
  • (2) Oracle Fabric Interconnect F1-15 model with 15 I/O module slots each with:
  • (20) Non-blocking QDR InfiniBand server ports
  • (4) Quad-port 10 Gb Ethernet modules
  • (2) Dual-port 8 Gb Fibre Channel modules**Fibre Channel is included, but not supported in the initial release
InfiniBand Spine Switch
  • (36) QDR InfiniBand ports
  • (1) GbE management ports (BASE-T)
Preinstalled Software
  • Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance controller
  • Oracle VM
  • Oracle VM Manager
  • Storage Operating System Software
  • Oracle SDN

More technical specifications on the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance can be found in the below embeded document:

A frequently asked questions document on the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance can be found in the below embedded document

More information on the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance can be found on this landing page at oracle.com

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