Monday, August 12, 2013

Social media and the influence on social

Social media by its name is implying that it is social. Social in some sense should bring people together and should help form groups. Humans are social beings by nature so social media should make us more happy. It should help us to become more happy people if we believe the implicit promise of the naming social media. For some people this might be the case and social media will help people to become more social and form groups. However, in the below video, based upon the book Alone together written by Sherry Turkle we get a look at what social media influence has on loneliness.

Some very interesting views are expressed and the video contains some warnings. Warnings to people who do adopt social media and to humanity in total. Somehow it carries the message that social media, in its current version, can be an addition to our face-to-face social life however cannot be a replacement. As social media is fairly new and our ways of doing things are already engrained in our DNA from the day we have walked the earth it is naturally we do not immediately have a fit with the new technology. Whatever your opinion and if your agree or disagree with those vies, the views in the video or the views in the book, it is an interesting thought and something interesting to discuss.

If you are interested in the book Alone together, please find an embed of the book below which is currently placed on

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