Monday, December 10, 2012

Using metasploit for an attack on Oracle

On a "extreme" frequent basis I do get the question, via all different kind of channels, from people on how they can hack into an Oracle database / Oracle application server / Oracle X product. I did post in the past some things about certain security options in Oracle which where not always as good as you would like them to be. I do however try to stay away from giving people advise on how to hack into a certain system. If you are determined enough you will find a way in every system. So please do not expect me to give you a copy/past answer on this question.

Having this stated, I do provide something some advise on things to do or not to do when securing your environment. Some of the things I do encounter every now and then is quite a security thread. This is related to half finished installations and/or installations of Oracle products that have not been cleaned from default screens and logins.

When installing an Oracle product as for exampe an application server or database you commonly do get some default (http) pages and screens which will enable you during the initial installation and deployment of code and will guide you to the correct login pages. This is all fine as long as you are aware of the fact that those pages do exists and take the appropriate counter measures for this. The screenshot below is one of the default screens used by Oracle the Oracle application server.

Having such a page is one of the first things that can attract a potential hacker to your server. If, for example, you have connected your application server to the internet this page can be indexed by a search engine like Google. An attacker looking for a certain version of an Oracle product can use Google quite easily to find possible targets.

For those of you who do have experience with security and specially security of web attached systems and the ways a complete system can be compromised by making use of the HTTP attack angle this all will make sense. And even if you do not know all the default pages that might be populated by the newly installed system a good administrator will look for them and remove them where appropriate.

For you who are not that familiar with this, the below presentation is giving you some insight in this. This presentation was given by Chris Gates during the 2011 blackhat convention where he showed some of the ways to use Metasploit to attack an Oracle based system.

BlackHat DC 2011 Gates Attacking-Oracle-Web-Slides

In 2009, Metasploit released a suite of auxiliary modules targeting oracle databases and attacking them via the TNS listener. This year lets beat up on...errr security test Oracle but do it over HTTP/HTTPS. Rather than relying on developers to write bad code lets see what we can do with default content and various unpatched Oracle middleware servers that you’ll commonly run into on penetration tests. We’ll also re-implement the TNS attack against the isqlplus web portal with Metasploit auxiliary modules.

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