Sunday, October 14, 2012

The commitment of Oracle towards OpenSource

Oracle is using opensource more and more and it is in the foundation of some of there products. If you look at the engineered systems like ExaData and ExaLogic you will see that a lot of the components are opensource. When your boot an ExaData for the first time the first question that will be asked to you via the terminal is if you want to install Oracle Solaris or Oracle Linux as an operating system.

Oracle Linux is one the most visible products where Oracle is involved in opensource... you also have MySQL for example which is quite know with a lot of people however Oracle is also providing a lot of input in area's where you do not see the name Oracle that big on the products. For example brtfs is one the things Oracle is investing a lot of time in.

In the below video you can watch Edward Screven explaining about the strategy from Oracle in relation to opensource. Edwards is the chief corporate architect within Oracle and responsible for the system strategy including the strategy for OpenSource and the OpenSource projects that are run by the team of Wim Coekaerts within Oracle.

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