Saturday, October 20, 2012

Make SharePoint mobile

A lot of companies do use Microsoft SharePoint in one or another form and they use if to for all the good reasons. Even though I am in favour of opensource products it has to be stated that Microsoft has done a great job by developing their SharePoint solution and it ties nicely in with the MS operating systems and the domain security parts. One thing however is to be stated about SharePoint, it is not that mobile and quite often requires you to boot your laptop and make a connection via VPN to your corporate network to make full use of it.

As a mobile worker I am not always in a location, or do have the time, to boot my laptop and start and VPN connection to quickly check a document. What would be ideal is a dropbox like function that shows me files on all my devices including my mobile phone and tablet.

Now Good is providing a good way to share files and interact in a safe manner with your SharePoint installation from you mobile devices. Using the Good solution (and possible other solutions from other vendors) will help you to make your workforce even more mobile. I do think we will see more and more multi-platform solutions and tools coming to the market in the upcoming time if you keep the adoption growth of mobile devices and the new way of working in the back of your mind.

You can check out a video from the Good Share application below;

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