Sunday, September 02, 2012

Oracle Logistic chain

The overall logistic chain used within companies around the world is for 90% the same for all companies. Some specific customer variances are there and the way it is implemented might be different however overall all they all look quite the same. You purchase goods, you do something and you sell it to customers. Purchasing goods can be purchasing parts where you build your own product, purchasing goods to mine your final product or purchase, store and sell. All in all your company will buy things. Selling can be to external customers or external customers (cost centers) however somewhere your company will make profit (I hope).

Meaning all in all the model will look quite the same and you will see this model reflected in your ERP system. having Oracle eBS or SAP or another ERP system somehow it will be having a standard logistic chain in the system. For each ERP product will have some different naming for the modules. For Oracle Oracle eBS the logistics chain will look somewhat like the one below.

This model quickly shows a introduction on where to place the Oracle e-Business suite modules in the logistics chain. You can see for example Oracle AP, Oracle AR, inventory, General Ledger, etc etc etc

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