Sunday, August 30, 2009

Clean desk policy

Started the new clean desk policy at home again for my own working area. Every now and then, specially on a rainy sunday, I get the idea that a clean desk is perfect for me. Today is such a sunday and I started cleaning my desk again. Somehow I do get a lot of paper mail from all kind of vendors and I do collect books and magazines arround my working area.

Most of it contains some interesting information and I would like to post some of those things here before dumping the magazines and such into a dumpster (that is a paper recycle dumpster).
Just found a item on and a interview with director Hans Robben. is the for fresh food. Ever in need to buy a shipload of shellfish, you can check and bid on it. This is where you as a farmer, fisherman or company can place your goods and people can start placing bids. The magazine where I found it is not that old and so is I am wondering to see how this open marketplace will hold. The idea is great and i hope to see more initiatives like this.

Cool looking workplaces.
I recently changed my workspace to a new office. it is very modern and very nice looking. A real nice and cool working environment with a lot of open spaces. It really gives me a vibe in a good way. However I am still wondering how it is to work a for example at Google. Google is still on my list of companies I want to work for one day. That can be as a employee or as a hired consultant. Anyway I want to work at google maybe one day. Why, have a look at the one of the offices on this website. However, talking about a nice working environment. I think that the office of Wieden+Kennedy in Amsterdam is a really really nice place to work. The way the design of the office is done is great. You can find more information at this website including some pictures

Space Barley
Most likely you never have heard from it and most likely you have never tasted it. Space barley is a beer that is made of barley grown in the ISS space station. Scientists have tested what grows in space so that when we try to colonize space one day we know what to grow. Barley can be used for this and one of the great things is you can make beer from barley. Well it was a test and most likely it will never become a mass product so if you had the pleasure of drinking a bottle of it.... to bad for you!!! you should have kept it and sold it in 10 years and made a fortune of it.

Building a house?
Thinking about building a house? Well have a look at the website. You can find a lot of great pointers on how to make your house green and energy efficient. And building something green is something hippy like? Forget it, green is cool and it gives you a great extra benefit in the costs when living in your house when it is done.

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