Saturday, June 06, 2009

Twitter for small business

Ralph Wilson has posted a new video on his website where he is having a talk with Avinash Kaushik. They are discussing how to use Twitter as a small business and how it can help you start your business.

Problem for startups is getting in touch with the right people and groups to promote your product and keep your 'followers' informed. You do not have a huge marketing budget so all solutions to promote your product or service are very welcome. Twitter is one of them, not only small companies are using it also large companies are using twitter and you can make use of the same facility.

With twitter you can very simply start promoting and try to start a viral marketing campain. If you do it in the correct way you send out a message and it will be re-tweeded from person to person via twitter. With a very small action you might be able to get your company at the peoples attention. Besides looking at the video which is below you might also want to look at the website.

In the video Avinash Kaushik is talking about, I have been looking into it and I have to say I do not really see the benifits of this service. I have been playing arround a bit however it is less than I expected. However, if you feel you want to give it a try, just visit the website and make sure you start following @tweet_rank via twitter because this is needed before you can use it. They use it to do some measuring.

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