Monday, June 15, 2009

Mapreduce Lectures

If you want to learn more about mapreduce and Hadoop as I do currently it can be good to follow some classes. However, I am currently not studying at any university so this will make it somewhat harder to follow some lectures. The great thing about the internet is that you can almost find anything you want. So one of the things I just learned is the University of California Berkeley is having a YouTube channel
where they post lectures.

Meaning that even if you do not study at UCBerkely you can follow lectures. You can just watch the lecture as a student only then online. When you like to know more about MapReduce and follow some classes you can watch the video’s of “CS 61A The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs”. This is given by Brian Harvey.

CS 61A is more than only MapReduce so if you are interested in the entire course please go to the channel mentioned above. If you are only interested in MapReduce you can watch the below 2 video’s.

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