Friday, November 28, 2008

NDMP backup stalls

We are currently using a netvault backup system in combination with a Netapp filer. To be able for netvault to communicate with the tape library and the tape drives to make the backup ndmpd is used as a deamon. However in some cases those sessions will be hanging. Only in extreme cases. This is what I found in a help document, it can come in handy if you have a problem:

NDMP backup says "Writing to Media" even though it is not writing to media.
Affected NV Version: 7.4.x
OS Version: All
Plugin version: 6.3.x
Application version: N/A

Several jobs continually say "Writing to Media" even though they are not writing to media. If you look at the logs, it shows a "Channel Error" near the bottom of the log. In "Device Manager" the drive used for these backups says: DRIVE 1 (Locked by Session(Hard).


Most likely the ndmp sessions on the filer have entered a hung state. Issue the following commands at the console prompt of the filer;

ndmpd killall
ndmpd off
ndmpd on
ndmpd status (shows if all strays processes have been eliminated)

This should resolve issue.


Anonymous said...

Great, thanks for this!


Anonymous said...

this is happening to us every weekend - anyone know of a solution?