Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oracle powers computers on humans

No this is not The Matrix becoming reality, this is a nice way from Oracle to make people aware on how much power they are spending. Currently Oracle is having the Oracle OpenWorld conference. Oracle OpenWorld is the biggest event Oracle launches every year and this year at part of the conference is about how you can reduce power in the datacenter. Look for example at the power savings you can have when using Oracle VM instead of having a server in your rack for every little application you have running in your company.

One of the ways at OpenWorld to make you energy aware is that you have the option to charge your laptop and or cellphone by human power. You can peddle a bike and in the same time charge you laptop batterie. Judi Sim stated "We can't generate enough for the whole show, but it's our goal to grow the program, we've gone significantly deeper in trying to run this meeting in a more sustainable way." Judi is a chief marketing officer at Oracle.

So when you see some people on a bike somewhere around the Moscone Center it could very well be that they are not trying to commute and use the bike so they do not have to deal with traffic jams, it could very well be that they are just charging there laptop batteries.

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