Monday, August 18, 2008

Talkbiznow is launching

Today a new networking site will be launching. With already in the market which is valued at $1 billion and the more consumer market oriented site Facebook which is valued $15 billion the newcomer will have a hard time to fit in. Even do not much is known about there marketing group has somehow got a buzz out on the internet. Even Forbes is already writing articles about a site which is not even life.

I have pre-registered to see it as one of the first adapters and somewhere today the people who have registered will get a login send. Because I am a LinkedIn fan I will be looking very close to and inform you on all the things I encounter and I will invite you to join the site if I feel it has something to offer. However, a community site has to grow to show some use. An unpopular social networking site has no use; the more people attend the more useful it will get and the more the market value will grow.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you when you say that the more people who join, the better your experience. I think that the media must have had a bit of a sneak preview and must have like what they saw to write articles before it was even released.

Yes, it is a hard market to crack, but the Talkbiznow business model looks to be well thought out. And just look at the site, it is a thing of beauty compared with a very text heavy, un-intuitive LinkedIn. The beauty of this Beta release of Talkbiznow is that it doesn't take long to see new functionality - a few posts were giving a bit of bad press because you could not search by Country. I went on the site today and now you can! What other amazing things are they going to do before September?

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