Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oracle JDeveloper 11g Build 4949

A new download for Oracle jDeveloper is available from the Oracle website. On the change document the following new features are listed:

- JDeveloper Core IDE
- Java Coding and Agile Development
- Database Development
- Deployment
- UML Development
- Web Services Development
- Web / Ajax Development
- EJB 3.0 Development
- Oracle TopLink Development
- ADF Framework
- ADF Faces Rich Client
- ADF Databinding
- ADF Business Components
- ADF Task Flow
- ADF Swing
- ADF Data Visualization
- ADF Mobile
- WebCenter Development
- SOA Suite: SCA composite applications development

A nice new feature is the AJAX support now available in Oracle jDeveloper. To check the more detailed change log check the changes page at

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