Sunday, April 27, 2008

Daily web finds 2.0

Windows XP service pack 3
Seven pages of secret internal Microsoft documentation have leaked discussing the internals of windows XP service pack 3. Like to take a sneak peak in the Microsoft documentation? Follow the link to find out what will be shipping to you in the coming time.

Macs Gaining a Bigger Role In Enterprise is running an article on the bigger share of Macs which are being found in offices around the world. Macs where already widely accepted in the printing industries where they where the number one choice in most cases. Today you see more and more “normal” users make use of a Mac instead of a “normal” pc platform. A great direction we are heading into. Mac’s are just sexier than normal PC platform computers by the look and feel they have and Mac OS X is a great operating system.

NASA researching 'nanosats' for orbiting 5G space network
NASA is looking for a way to build a space network by implementing “nanosats’. Teaming up with “Machine-to-Machine Intelligence Corporation”. The two organizations intend to develop swarms of spacecrafts weighing between 11 and 110 pounds, which will be placed in low Earth orbit to create a commercial telecommunications and networking system.

GIOVE-B in space
ESA has launched the second satellite for the Galileo satellite which, when it is finished, should replace GPS for the European customers.

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