Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Daily web finds 2.0

Data Visualizations blog is running a fun item on data visualization, some topics like twitter and the Google Visualization API( are addressed. A fun read and it might give you idea on how this great API can be used in combination with things like, Google Earth, for example the way twitter is working with it.

RFID in your glove
German researchers from the Fraunhofer Institut für Fabrikbetrieb und -automatisierung (IFF) have devised a RFID reader in a glove. Order pickers can have those gloves when picking orders. Every item they get in their hands will be registered and so one can construct a item list of items picked without the need of scan the RFID tag. By picking them item it is scanned automatically.

Google street view in Europe
Google has started recording the streets of its first non-US city for its Street View service. Google vans with mounted cameras have been spotted on the streets of Rome and Milan.Street View is the project which allows Google users to see photographs of any street in a surveyed area and even travel through the city, frame by frame.
It has been controversial because of the privacy implications of publishing images which inevitably contain people or private property. A lawsuit was filed in the US earlier this year which alleged that images on the site invaded one couple's privacy.Europe has stricter privacy safeguards than the US, which could impact on the service once it has been put into operation.

Google maps, driver game
Did you know you can use google maps to play a race drivers game? No you did not now that? Check out this link and drive your car on google maps.

IBM and web2.0 with iDataPlex
IBM introduced today an entirely new category of server uniquely designed to address the technology needs of companies that use Web 2.0-style computing to operate massive data centers with tens of thousands of servers.
Companies that operate massive scale-out data centers spend 10 to 30 times more on energy costs per square foot than a typical office building. The energy powers both hundreds of thousands of servers and the air conditioning needed to cool them. The exponential growth of such data centers will continue as streaming video, online gaming and social networks spike Internet traffic, requiring companies to build ever vaster pools of computers that devour energy resources to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The IBM "iDataPlex" system leverages IBM's blade server heritage to build a completely new design.

Google Developer Days 2008
“a set of one-day developer events, are back and will take place in locations around the world. We've designed these events for developers with strong coding backgrounds, so that we can discuss our APIs, developer tools and applications.” The coding days will be given in the following cities around the world: Yokohama, Beijing, Taipei, Sydney, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, London, Paris, Hamburg, Madrid, Milan, Prague and Moscow. I am currently thinking about attending a Google Developers Day in Paris.

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