Friday, March 14, 2008

you have insufficient privileges for the current operation

After cloning an Oracle E-business suite environment we encountered the problem that nobody could login to EBS. After supplying the username and password the user was directly redirected to the login page again without any error messages. When entering a username combined with a faulty password the user was presented with a error message indicating that the username password combination was incorrect.

In the Apache access log file we found a error message stating “you have insufficient privileges for the current operation”.

After some searching we found that the cloned environment had a wrong session cookie domain value set. This was still pointing to the old domain where the original environment was running.

A “select SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN from ICX_PARAMETERS;” will give you the current value of the session cookie domain which is set. If this is not matching with the domain where your server is running you have to update this with a update statement. “update ICX_PARAMETERS set SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN='.domainname';”.

Other reasons this problem can occur are for example the use of a underscore in your domain and or host name which are not compliant with the domain naming conventions. So this is also a thing to look at when you run in troubles like this.


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Thank you!!! I've been fighting this problem for 2 days.

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Thank you very much.This solution helped us a lot.

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Thanks for your solution.This helped a lot to us.