Sunday, March 23, 2008

Game development strategy

When playing games you see more and more a strategy of the developing companies that the user becomes part of the development team. It used to be that a gamer got his game from the shop, played and after finishing the game it was all done. After that came the possibility that gamers could create levels themselves, which was a great step forward, now they even get introduced to developing new features in the game, introducing new units and ways of laying the game.

This strategy is already used on many game platforms where the developers of the game provide a game engine and some basic game units and leave it to the gaming community to develop new features and such. Some games even got popular only because of this approach. And now there is ARMA on the market. We even can find some things developed by the gaming community in the new expansion pack.

The ARMA gaming and development community is weekly uploading new units, levels and remodels and so keeping the game alive instead of a ones developed game…

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