Friday, April 06, 2007

Nagios and Oracle

Running a Oracle database in a production environment can be a relieve or can be a hassle. You can make it a relieve by monitoring your systems in a good way so you will be notified before a problem becomes a big problem. This can make your life as a Oracle DBA or system administrator a lot easier.

You will also be able to guarantee a higher business continuity meaning that the employees can continue work because the DBA’s and system administrators have a better view of upcoming problems and will be able to solve those problems before they become a thread to business continuity.

In this post I like point out to 3 new Nagios Oracle scripts.

One will check the oracle instance on number of users, table spaces, possible ORA messages will be send to Nagios so you will be able to view from your Nagios web application or it can be mailed or even send via SMS to you. Thanks to Sven Dolderer for this script written in Perl. You can download from my website.

You can also download a shell script written by and a perl script written by Erwan Arzur.


Anonymous said...

Here is a new Nagios plugin which tries to cover as much checks as possible with one script, thus avoiding the need to install multiple different scripts. check_oracle_health
The author also offers a logfile-plugin on his page which can be used to scan the alert.log for errors.

Anonymous said...

does anyone knows the english translation for the above script? Seems very complete.

Mudwiggle said...

Use Google Translator ""