Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Monitor processes under Debian Linux with htop.

Most of the people working with UNIX and/or Linux will have used the top command to get some more insight in the processes running on the machine. The top command is providing the terminal user with a process viewer somewhat similar as the ‘Task Manager’ for windows. It gives you the option to view the currently running processes and how this is handled by you machine, free memory, CPU load, etc.

Even do top can provide you with some very good information it still lacks some details and some nice options. An extended version of top is htop. htop is ‘adopted’ as a Debian package which makes it for Debian users quite simple to install by simple issuing the command:

$apt-get install htop

This will install the latest stable release of htop on your Debian system. To check the latest stable Debian htop package you can refer to the Debian package site.

More information about the htop project can be found at the htop project site at sourceforge.

Debian running top

Debian running htop

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