Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Fn Project - quick install guide

The Fn project is an open source project originally started within Oracle as part of the drive for more enterprise open source solutions. The Fn project is an open source serverless compute platform. With Fn, you deploy your functions to an Fn server which automatically executes and manages them. Each function is executed in a Docker container enabling the platform to provide broad support for development languages including Java, JavaScript (Node), Go, Python, Ruby, and others. The Fn client and server are simple and elegant. You can run the server locally on your laptop, or on a server in your data center or in the cloud. The Fn project has a strong enterprise focus with emphasis on security, scalability, and observability.

With companies moving more and more to cloud native solutions and requiring more and more solutions that will not tie them into a single cloud platform you can observe a move away from vendor specific and proprietary serverless solutions.

The Fn project is a fully open source solution to build cloud native serverless solutions and you will be able to run it at every location. Oracle provides a managed service which allows you to consume Fn based serverless while at the same time you can run it within your own datacenter and on every cloud provider of your choice.

To get started quickly with the Fn project the fastest way is to install it on a virtual machine to experience it hands-on. The below presentation will give you a quick guide on how to get started with the Fn project on a local (virtual) machine.

More information can be found on the Fn project website and on other locations such as the Fn Slack channel and github

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