Friday, April 18, 2014

Enterprise cloud spending $235B

Companies are moving to the cloud. The trend is more and more to move business functions to cloud based solutions. A couple of years ago companies where not including cloud in the main consideration when thinking about new or improved IT solutions. Currently on almost every shortlist we do see cloud based solutions as a viable option. This is showing in the forecasts and the history of spendings on cloud technology and cloud based architectures where companies are deploying  enterprise functionality on.

Ryan Huang reports on the ZDnet page the growth of cloud based spending and the forecast voor 2017. Below you can see the graph showing the rise of cloud spending in the upcoming years as predicted.

This prediction shows that all companies who are currently investing in building cloud based platforms are making a solid investment as the trend is that the cloud based solutions, and associated customer investment, will continue to grow, for all good reasons. 

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