Monday, February 10, 2014

Download Oracle Exadata documentation

Need to check something in the Oracle Exadata documentation, not an issue, you can find all the documentation on the machine itself. Connect to the storage cell and check /usr/share/doc/oracle/Exadata. This works fine with the minor disadvantage that you need to purchase an Exadata machine to satisfy the prerequisite. Purchasing an exadata to be able to read some documentation might not be in everyone his budget, however, there is a little escape to still be able to download the documentation.

You can login to metalink and download patch 10386736. Patch 10386736 contains the full set of documentation. The current release of the patch dated 08-JAN-2014 contains the following Exadata documentation:
  • Exadata X3-8b Hardware documentation
  • Exadata X4-2 Eighth Rack documentation
  • Exadata X4-2 Full Rack documentation
  • Exadata X4-2 Half Rack documentation
  • Exadata X4-2 Hardware documentation
  • Exadata X4-2 Quarter Rack documentation
Oracle Exadata Documentation Download

Meaning, if you are need to read up on the documentation and you have not downloaded the documentation from the Exadata storage cell to your workstation however you do want to have a look, patch 10386736 will be your solution and will provide you the latest version of all documentation.

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