Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oracle Fusion Mobile Expenses

Within the Oracle Fusion Application stack we have an application called Oracle Fusion Expenses. Oracle Fusion Expenses, a component of Oracle Fusion Financials, is a robust travel and expense solution that automates the management of travel spend and establishes policy-driven controls for expense reimbursement. In general most of the expenses made by people are when they are on the go. When traveling, taking a coffee on an airport, taking a taxi while traveling to a meeting or booking a hotel room when somewhere at the go. The moments you do not have the time to open your laptop and start typing your expenses into an application. Meaning that a mobiel application is one of the ideal solutions to add to a expenses application.

Ultan O'Broin is running a nice article on on the user experience of such an application. In the below demo video you can see how such an mobile application can be used. We have already been discussing building mobile application with Oracle ADF before on this weblog in combination with SOA. A cool feature of this user experience design pattern is the use of voice. Specially for such a mobile application is speech often a great solution to enter data instead of typing all the data into your application. At a later stage you can check and consolidate your expenses and prepare them to be paid to you. 

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