Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The mobile keyboard layout Minuum

As long as there are computers that use a keyboard people have been developing new keyboard layouts. Keyboards differ between countries due to special characters in the language or they differ just because something picked up in a specific country and something else did not. with he growing adoption of mobile phones and tablets at a later stage people have been looking at how to include keyboards on smaller surfaces then your average keyboard. Some inventions have been developed to interact in different ways with the suer. We have seen T9 as a predictive text mechanism, we have also seen swype as a new way of interacting with the keyboard and many others.

Now a new a promising new way of interacting with a keyboard is being developed by Minuum. The Minuum keyboard layout let you type on every surface of any size. Specially the ability to type on a very small surface is important as we see more and more smaller devices come to the market where we do have a need of interacting with.

The below video is showing how the Minuum keyboard is working. Specially the keyboard option attached to the watch is something that is quite nice. If we think about this in combination with a project like Google Glass this can become very interesting in the future.

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