Thursday, April 19, 2012

NoSQL graph database

When talking about big data most people do start to get a general idea of what big data is. The industry and the market is still trying to create a single picture of what big data is. However this will be very hard as we will be unable to state hard that data is big data from this volume on. Oracle is trying to give some guidelines; other companies are trying to some guidelines. I personally think it will not really be possible to give big data hard borders to be defined in and I do see that as a good thing. However one of the bad things is that a lot of people are talking about it and only a limited number of them do understand the bigger picture and the technological components of it.

If we take for example NoSQL which is in most big data solutions a technology component people do tend to think it is one type of database however several companies (and opensource teams) do build their own “version” of it. NoSQL is however not a single type of database, it is a grouping name for a large number of database types who do have some common ground. The project is trying to collect a number of interviews on what NoSQL is. In the below video a high level discussion is shown where Graph Databases are explained and why and when it would be good to use a graph database.  

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