Friday, August 05, 2011

swarm computing

Swarm computing is thought to be the next version of cloud computing. Issue is that it is not quite clear what swarm computing is, and it is to some people not clear yet what cloud computing is. For all who are interested in swarm computing you can find some more information below:

"Computing is rapidly moving away from traditional computers.Of the 8 billion computing units will be deployed worldwide this year, only 150 million are stand-alone computers.Many programs in the future will run on collections of mobile processors interacting with the physical world and communicating over dynamic, ad hoc networks.We can view such a collection of devices as aswarm.As with natural swarms, such as a school of fish or an ant colony, the behavior of the swarm emerges from the simple behaviors of its individual members.The swarm is resilient to a small fraction of misbehaving members and to changes in the environment."

Swarm Computing

Also a very interesting source is this presentation from Oracle on swarm computing:

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