Sunday, July 17, 2011

Connecting in the cloud

We currently see a trend that more and more companies are moving into the cloud. Some time ago the word cloud was a buzz word now it is becoming more common. Cloud is not the perfect world, it is just another way of handling and looking at IT. It will make that datacenters are no longer within a customer, it means that it will be at some other company who will take care of most parts of your application which in some cases you share with thousands of other companies. 


People are still concerned about the multi tenancy as this is in conflict with all that has been IT for the past years. However we now see that companies start to make the move. This is a smart move and solves a lot of issues however it is also introducing some new issues. To be honest, those issues where already their in the past however now they are more clear. In none cloud landscapes you had the problem of systems that where not connected now we have the issue of clouds which are not connected. HOwever we are currently at another level of thinking. People are more into the SOA way of thinking and the SOA in the cloud way of thinking. 


What we now see is that new solutions are coming to the market which help customers connect clouds. This is a great way forward and we will see a lot of companies picking up speed in this area. One example video from Capgemini is below which I personally think is a great way of looking at the issue and dealing with it.  Capgemini Immediate is helping you with some of those issues. 


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