Tuesday, April 06, 2010

TinyMe 2010 'Acorn'

Some time ago I had a “discussion” with my manager regarding Linux distributions. He owns a old home PC and wanted to use it as a Linux workstation. A issue he was facing was that the current Linux distributions are asking more and more from your workstation. The same as new windows versions Linux will demand more computing power from your workstation.

As computers grow in power this is not a real issue however if you have an old workstation you would like to use a distribution that is not demanding a lot of your workstation. You can look into old versions of distributions however they might have old bugs and not all the functionality that you want from it.

Now, you have a alternative TineyMe is a Mandriva based Linux distribution. Currently you can download "TinyMe 2010 'Acorn' i586 Release Candidate 1. TineyMe is especially for those cases where you would like to install a light Linux version on a small footprint or when you have a old PC and still would like to keep all the new features.

Running Linux on a old platform, you might want to check TineyMe.

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