Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nomee ..... NO!

Just been reading a item about Nomee on mashable.com by christina warren, nomee is a new tool where you can monitor and follow people on all kind of different social networks and channels.

A great app, and something that can help you, however,.... why a app? It is a application I have to download and install on my computer. I can not download it on my phone and why is it not just a web application.

Nomee, it looks great, it looks like fun however for me it is not a usable thing at this moment. Why not, I am on the move most of the time I have time to follow people, read stuff and such. So it has to be mobile. More mobile than Nomee is at the moment. A mashup for social networks is great however not in the form as Nomee envisions.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, Johan. I'm Mitchell at nomee. Keep an eye on us - mobile is coming. Do check back.

kevin said...

Hi, I read your post with interest, we will have i phone application in the next quarter that I hope takes care of your needs. Thanks for looking at the application!
nomee team