Sunday, February 22, 2009

enterprise source code repository

Source codes, every programmer needs them from time to time as a reference, to learn new things, to look into ways of how someone else has solved a problem etc etc. Besides all the tools and ways on how to version your code and store and a share it in a safe way there is also an other challenge within a enterprise. How do you provide your developers in a good way access to source code they can use to learn.

Code developed by your own developers can help other developers in your company to do their task faster and more simple. What you do not want them to do is to checkout every subversion repository and start browsing that. What you do want to provide them with a platform where developers can quickly browse code and start learning.

Some tools to build a developers knowledge base are for example LXR which can be used to generate a web front of source code libraries and create links automatically between the different files. This can be very helpful to automate the process of "web enable" your source code library. When you want to have a search engine to give developers the option to search your massive ammount of data you can have a look into products like ht://Dig wich will index automaticly a given website and create a search index arround it. As you can see, with some simple opensource tools you can create a enterprise wide source code library for your developers to learn and benifit from.

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