Friday, July 04, 2008

Error Number 3 Purchase Order

I am currently working on setting up a test system for Oracle XML gateway which should forward purchase orders in Oracle purchasing with the XML gateway as a XML EDI message to an other Oracle E-Business suite system. Because we have been testing all kinds of setup for this project which also includes changes to configuration files on UNIX level I have stopped and started the system a couple of times to be sure that changes would be picked up.

During the last stop start session somehow the workflow manager and the concurrent managers where not coming up again. The first thing we noticed that after approving a purchase order the order “disappeared”. After some searching we found out that not everything was up and running so I started all the processes in the Oracle Applications Manager.

However when reviewing the notification list we found that all the purchase orders who have been approved during the time the background processes where down where in a status of “PO Approval Error” stating as details “Document Manager Failed With Error Number 3 while processing Standard Purchase Order 310”.

Checking metalink note 1074838.6 on this error is stating: The document is left in status IN PROCESS. The WFSTATUS.sql output file shows that the process failed at node Open Document State during Verify PO and defaulted to Document Manager Failed.

And we found that this is indeed the case. To resolve the troubled purchase orders you can go into the notification and use the retry option. When using this the purchase order will be approved and will follow the normal workflows as you have set them up.

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