Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sun project FISHworks.

Shares of Sun Microsystems jumped close to 10 per cent in after-hours trading, as the hardware maker posted strong fourth quarter results. Longtime Sun followers, however, may be less moved by the figures since Sun relied more on cost-cutting than sales to improve its bottom line.

And now Sun is working on a new project called FISHworks. Project FISHworks is trying to create a netapp killer. The project is developing a new NAS solution like Netapp has at this moment. Currently the project is still "secret" or at least Sun is not telling much about it.... however, some details are already leaked out and believed to true. It will, most likely contain a ZFS file system and most likely it will contain DTrace. DTrace stands for Dynamic Tracing and helps you to trace bottlenecks on Solaris and make your system perform better.

Also it will most likely have a nice looking web GUI and a command line interface to administrate the system. For the rest.... we have to wait for more information from Sun.

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