Saturday, January 06, 2007 is in trouble. Today 2 news items came out.

The first is about a Brazilian judge who decided that has to close if they not remove a adult video where you can watch Daniela Ciccarelli and her boyfriend Tato Malzoni making love on a Spanish beach. Google, the new owner of has already removed the video clip however every time they do so the YouTube community uploads a new video. The judge now decided that Google has to remove the video and make sure it cannot be replaced again.

How this will play out when Google is not complying with this can become interesting as the Google Holding is the owner of YouTube and this is a US based company and the verdict of the judge will only be valid in Brasilia.

The second problem Google is facing with YouTube is that several large production and broadcast companies are starting to sue YouTube because the copyrighted material. Several shows are published on YouTube, which are copyrighted. Because of this the companies demand a fine for every movie that is copyrighted and is published on YouTube, this could potentially lead to a total fine of a enormous amount if Google is not acting very fast now.

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