Friday, June 20, 2008

Interim Network engineer for rent

As you might know if you read this blog frequently I have been assigned a side job in the company I currently work. Which is “Interim Network engineer” and I am rented out to the tech department which is corporate cannibalism as I now have less time to focus on the Oracle Consultant part of my job. However it is fun, and I can spend some time to learn new skills. One of the new skills I am currently trying to master is configuring cisco pix firewalls and specialy cisco pix 501 as we use it on some customer locations to create VPN tunnels to the datacenter so customers have a secure connection.

One thing I have learned is that manuals from cisco are as good as the manuals from Oracle so I turned to google to find some resources. I have to share this website with you because it gave me a quite good head-start on how to configure a pix from the command line.

So I hope to master those cisco pix 501 firewalls over the weekend…. Idle hope I might turn out the be… however… if I succeed in my “quest” you can always contact me about a those cisco pix 501 firewall after that. I will not become a Interim Network engineer for rent but some advise via e-mail I can always give a try… But you might want to try a cisco forum first…

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