Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mobile internet trends

Forrester research has released a research paper on mobile internet use in Europe named “Mobile Internet Users Lead In Advanced Mobile Services' Adoption In Europe”.

The executive summary states:

A decade after accessing the Internet via a mobile phone became a reality, adoption is finally set to cross over into the mainstream. Regular mobile Internet users today are still more tech-savvy than the average consumer. They show greater interest in advanced mobile services in general — for instance, a fourth of them already use mobile email and a fifth are interested in using their mobile phone to tap into social networking sites. Operators shouldn't bank on locking users into their own mobile portals: As the frequency of mobile Internet use picks up, people are more likely to use Google than their operator's start site.

This paper reminded me about a post I wrote on the way America is searching mobile which you can read on my weblog and is named “How America searches: Mobile. This post and the links in it can be of interest if you are reading the Forrester paper which is written by Pete Nuthall.

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